Back to Basics: Pushing, Pulling, Hinging, Squating

Apr 22, 2022
Back to Basics

I know a lot of time people want to do these super fancy movements. But the Truth's more important to be able to do the basics really really well!  So in this video I am going to take you completely back to basics and show you some moves you should know and perfect! 


For the Core I walk you through how to do a few different moves, Deadbugs, Heel Taps & the Classic Plank. We walk through the exact form! 

The Push: Going over the Classic Push-up 

The Pull: Showing the Bent Over Row 

Hinging: Classic Deadlift 

Squatting: We go through Squats and Lunges  

00:00 Intro 

01:04 All above the Core 

03:39 The Push 

05:15 The Pull 

06:49 The Hinge 

06:13 The Squat & Lunges 

10:20 Single Leg Movements 




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