Warrior Spotlight: Julia H.

warrior spotlight Apr 27, 2022

Our Warrior Spotlight this week goes out to Julia, who has just successfully celebrated 1 full year in the Strong Feels Good program! Congratulations Julia!

Julia is a hard-working mom with a high-stress job, and she joined instagram after not being super active on social media and discovered an online workout community but she wasn’t super satisfied with the workouts, but then she found me and did one of my 14 Day Challenges. She tried a variety of in-person programs but as a busy working mom of two teenagers, she struggled to find time to get to these in-person classes on time and then didn’t really see results, because random workouts give you random results.

So what was missing? Structure. Accountability. Strategy. Progression. Julia loves the technical and precise method and format of Strong Feels Good. She never thought that she could have a satisfying fitness program at home that actually had results. The strength tests have proven to her just what she is capable of. She works out every morning and that has encouraged her to set every day up for success so that she can give the best of herself to others AFTER she has given the best to herself. 

“There’s something about the method and strategy of Strong Feels Good is so satisfying.”

She has felt sexier and more confident, and even rocked her bikinis this summer! Strong Feels Good has encouraged her to maintain healthy habits, not just in staying consistent in her physical activity, but in her mindset too. She is consistently shifting her negative thoughts into positive thoughts. 

“I cannot believe I can do that many pushups in a minute now.”

Remember, the universe rewards action. So start taking action, not just with your body, but with your mind too!

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